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Cambridge College is full of exceptional students who believe they can make meaningful contributions to society – and they can. We are more than two decades in existence and have produced several first class alumni who have either graduated or are presently in different fields of studies in Ivy league universities around the globe.

It is rare to find a student with A-Level experience dropping out of the university. The reason is because the A-Level programme equips students with what it takes to cope with university education in terms of attending lectures, library usage, tutorials, learning techniques, time management to mention a few.

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Consistency over the years,we provide truly world class scholars.


For over 25 years, we have consistently helped our students to develop excellent study skills that continue to serve them even after they graduate from college. We bear in mind that students have different learning styles so our teaching is student-focused and our students are able to build upon their natural abilities and strengths as they learn.

Strategic Intent

Our intent is to help our students grow into excellent scholars and future leaders who have critical thinking skills, a sense of purpose and confidence in their abilities and potential for high academic achievements and future professional attainment. Therefore we promote positive and supportive school culture and a stimulating environment so our students feel encouraged and inspired.


The rich learning experience of our school graduates serves them well as they pursue their dreams and move on to university, having gained excellent study skills, academic focus, and resilience. The result is Cambridge College alumni made up of master students who are comfortably ahead of their peers as they continue their studies in various universities in the UK, USA, and Canada.


At Cambridge College, the emphasis is not only placed on academic performance but also on discipline. Students must be of good behavior at all times and abide by the Rules and Regulation of the college, Students must be neatly dressed in the recommended uniforms, provided by the college. They are expected to present themselves as good ambassadors of the college, anytime, anywhere.


Regular reports are sent to parents on their ward performance fortnightly; this is to enable both the college and parents to monitor the academic progress of each student. The parent also receives full examination reports at the end of each term.

Terminal Examination

At the end of their program, each student is expected to sit for the Cambridge (UK) GCE O/A Level Examination. The examination, which is regulated by the University of Cambridge Local Examination Syndicate (UCLES) through the British Council in Nigeria takes place twice a year, i.e. June and November. The results of the examinations are released about six weeks after the end of the last paper. A statement of the result is issued to every candidate immediately, while the certificate is issued a couple of weeks later. A student with 0/Level passes in at least five subjects is eligible for the A/Level course work. On the other hand, a student with at least two A/Level passes is eligible for direct entry admission into the university for the Degree Programme.

Career Guidance

The importance of career planning cannot be overemphasized. For this reason, all students entering Cambridge College benefit from counseling. A career officer interviews all students to ascertain their interests, abilities, and career aspirations. The students also have the opportunity of discoursing with their counselor at any time. Professionals in various fields are organized to counsel on careers with attractive job prospects based on the students’ interests.

University Admission

Students who are interested in gaining entry into Nigerian Universities are encouraged to obtain the Direct Entry Forms from the JAMB office. The admission forms are normally processed between January and April against the academic year commencing in September of each year. For students interested in studying in UK U universities, our college assists such a category of students in processing the UCAS forms between January and May of each year for admission into the academic session commencing in September of the same year.

Visa and Immigration Procedures

All international degree foundation students traveling to the UK is expected to contact the British High Commission in Nigeria to check their eligibility to enter the UK. The students must apply for an entry clearance called "Student Visa". Students will need to complete forms IM2A and IM2S which can be obtained from our school.

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