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What is the University Foundation Programme?

The University Foundation Programme is a fast track course designed to help foreign students prepare for their first degree to join UK universities successfully. Prospective students who have finished high school in their country of origin and would like to continue their education in the UK generally take up this path.

Subject Choices of the University Foundation Programme

The UFP obliges that Core math and communication skills tests must be taken by all students. Other available subjects include a combination of any but not limited to any of the following depending on the student’s career path:

  • Accounting
  • Art
  • Biology
  • Business Math
  • Business Studies
  • Chemistry
  • Computing
  • Economics
  • English Literature
  • German
  • Geography
  • Government and Politics
  • Graphics 
  • History
  • Law
  • Photography
  • Pure Maths
  • Science Maths
  • Sociology
  • Spanish

The University Degree Foundation (UFP) is an alternative route to UK University degree courses from other recognized route such as the Cambridge International Assessment (Cambridge A Levels) or International Baccalaureate (IB). However, not all British universities recognize the University Degree Foundation (UFP), so one has to be careful about one’s choices and know what is obtainable. This is because some universities feel the curriculum has been made easier.

Admission windows are usually in September and January in most schools so as to allow students a pathway to almost all undergraduate degree courses.

Types of University Degree Foundation (UFP) Programmes

Generally, there are two distinct types of University Degree Foundation (UFP) programmes to study:

  1. English Language Based Foundation Programme
  2. Subject Based Foundation Programme

English Language Based Foundation Programme

The English Language Based University Foundation Programme is designed for International students. Because these students are assumed not to have English as their home country official language. They will do course specific subjects to prepare for their career as seen in the course list, for instance.

Subject Based Foundation Programme

The Subject Based University Foundation Programme is subject specific. Similarly for students who have shown a substantial level of English proficiency. In addition, students from English speaking countries may be in this category. Because the objective is to provide candidates with the knowledge and understanding to start a specific undergraduate degree programme. However, students have to satisfy the IELTS requirements of the particular institution of their interest. The subjects on offer are considerable and so diverse with plenty to choose from. However, students must know which the subject combination required for a particular undergraduate degree course acceptable by their choice universities linked to the Brooke House College University Foundation Programme which Cambridge College Ikeja offer.

Cambridge College does the Subject Based University Foundation Programme in partnership with Brooke House College UK with direct access and partnership to over thirty (30) UK universities.

Who can do the University Foundation Programme (UFP)?

The UFP courses are mostly aimed at international student hence offering a good blend of international cultures and backgrounds. Truthfully, most people consider the University Foundation Programme to be simpler that the Cambridge International Assessment. So students who didn’t make the required pass grades in the A and AS Levels are also welcomed to do the UFP. However, the UFP is university specific. To begin your journey, you can apply here.

What are the Universities that accept the University Foundation Programme?

Cambridge College in partnership with Brooke House College offers the University Foundation Programme that grants candidates access to over thirty (30) UK universities. Some of these universities include but not limited to;

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  1. University of Bradford
  2. The University of Manchester
  3. Lynn University
  4. The University of Nottingham
  5. De Montfort University Leicester
  6. Leeds Beckett University
  7. Bond University
  8. Nottingham Trent University
  9. Leeds Metropolitan University
  10.  University of Northampton
  11.  London Metropolitan University
  12.  Birmingham City University
  13.  Cardiff Metropolitan University
  14.  City University London
  15.  The University of Sheffield
  16.  University of Southampton
  17.  University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN)
  18.  Regents University London
  19. University of Reading
  20.  University of Bristol
  21.  Goldsmiths University of London
  22.  UCL
  23.  University of Exeter
  24.  University of East Anglia
  25.  PHCC
  26.  University of Surrey
  27.  Loughborough University
  28.  Manchester Metropolitan University
  29.  University of York
  30.  University of Portsmouth
  31.  Swansea University Prifysgol Abertawe
  32.  University of Westminster 
  33.  University of West London (The Career University)

Is the Cambridge College – Brooke House College University Foundation Programme better than the NCUK?

The NCUK offered by some Foundation Programme schools offer fast tract courses to about fourteen (14) UK universities. While the Brooke House College University Foundation Programme which Cambridge College Ikeja is in partnership with offers fast track access to over 72 universities in the UK.

But one may ask, why are students doing the NCUK? This may be because someone cajoled them into believing so. In other words people may want to wo another into doing the NCUK because they offer it. So now you know, the UFP is a better choice than the NCUK.

The Brooke House UFP is unarguable more flexible as confirmed by most candidates. This is simply because it offers direct pathway to over 72 British Universities

Facts for the University Foundation Programme (UFP)

The UFP Admission Windows

  • The UFP usually has two admission windows so as to accommodate students; the September admission window and the January admission window. The September admission spans through an academic year through to June while the January admission window spans through an academic year through to August. The August completion date stills allows students to enter their chosen university in September/October along with their peers who completed the UFP in June

English Proficiency Requirement

  • International students will be required to do an English proficiency examination (IELTS), this is so to ensure that the target university English proficiency standard is met

University Foundation Programme Accreditation

  • UFP courses are either accredited by a college or university or linked to universities through progression agreements established between the universities and the providers. Some schools operate specific agreements with universities. Because of this, students should be wary of these if they are not 100% sure that the university to which their school is linked is definitely the one they want to attend. Please be careful so as to avoid grave mistakes. The reason being that these courses are not transferable and will only get you into the one university or a small cohort of universities. This will limit your options severely when applying through UCAS.

Partnerships amongst over 75 British Universities

  • The many UFP courses on offer are fully accepted by over 75 British Universities and Colleges. Also, they are now increasingly being accepted by universities overseas including in the USA, Canada and Australia in terms of English speaking countries. It is also accepted in some European countries, but not too many at the moment. Some Foundation Programmes offer automatic progression onto a university they are linked to, as long as the entry requirements are met. If the entry requirements are below the required standard students will need to apply through UCAS, so long as the units they have studied are transferable.

Gain direct admission into any of our over 40 partner universities across the world by applying here

If you want to know more about our Brooke-House University Foundation Programme and Partnership please click here

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