This article is to tell you which school is the best sixth form college in Lagos, Nigeria or in other phrase the best Cambridge A Level College in Lagos, Nigeria. You may be on tour for the answers to your search; well, search no further, for you have arrived at your answer.

As a Cambridge International Assessment Registration and Training Centre, we; Cambridge College, Ikeja follows the Cambridge International syllabus in all our AS & A-Level subjects for public examination.

Here are Eleven (11) undeniable reasons why Cambridge College is the best sixth form college in Nigeria. We are amongst top schools when it comes to American pathway exams such as SAT and TOEFL, British Pathways such as the Brooke House College University Degree Foundation and the Cambridge A Level Examination.

Cambridge College is the Best Sixth Form College and Secondary School in Lagos, Nigeria.

Amongst many other exceptional abilities, our students in time past has shown remarkable skills such as;

  1. Independent Learning Skills
  2. Career Guidance and Counselling
  3. Research Skills
  4. Collaborative Learning Skills
  5. Consistency in Academic Excellence
  6. Alumni Network
  7. Access to ICT
  8. Competitive Environment and Testing
  9. Partnership with over 30 international schools in the UK, USA, Canada, etc.
  10. Student Training in other Vocation
  11. Student Community Life

Independent Learning Skills

We don’t just raise our students to be goodly and have the ability to assimilate what their teachers teach them in the classroom. We also raise them to have independent learning skills in and out of the classroom such that they can compete with confidence in any environment where they find themselves.

Our students are the best that one can find out there, our alumni network is evidence enough.

Career guidance and counselling

Staff of Cambridge College are so well equipped with career guidance and counselling training. They posses the ability to aid guide the students to a suitable career choice they will find peace and happiness in while maintaining global influence where ever they find themselves. Our track record of excellence proves that beyond any reasonable doubt.

Research Skills

Equipped with outstanding laboratories and art facilities to aid our student growth both mentally and emotionally. We have developed a culture of research amongst our students and teachers. Because of these skills students explore subjects of interest even beyond what is taught in the walls of the classroom.

Collaborative Learning Skills

Cambridge College is sure about promoting collaborative learning skills as our students are encouraged to act as a team in various activities. During class activities, sports, extra curricula activities and others. We encourage a community like lifestyle amongst our students so as to foster growth and discipline amongst them, bringing them up to be confident citizens.

Consistency in Academic Excellence

Because of our consistency, we have imparted lives. The books and numbers don’t lie. Cambridge College for over twenty (20) years have kept a consistent record of outstanding academic excellence. Such is evident in our Cambridge A Levels, University Foundation Programme, IGCSE, WAEC/NECO examinations etc. Want to know more about getting straight A’s? Read an article about it here.

Alumni network

Cambridge College doesn’t just develop youngsters and leave them to sort their way in life. We involve them in our Alumni network that has spanned for years. Joining our Alumni network is simple. Simply join/follow our LinkedIn page and profile. Do that by clicking here. Most of our Alumni are professionals in their fields and as such make good use of the LinkedIn application for career advancement and options. For instance, we host an Alumni conference so as to inspire the younger ones.

Access to ICT

The information age is upon us. Because everything is just a few clicks of a digital device away from our fingers. Cambridge College being the best sixth form college in Lagos, Nigeria has charged herself to provide her student access to Information and Communication Technology to make sure they are at par or even higher than their peers in other schools. Students of Cambridge College Ikeja are taught 21st century skills. Because of our tenacity and zeal for ICT, we introduce our students to canva.

Competitive environment and testing

In as much as we encourage our students to collaborate with themselves to bring out the best version of themselves. We likewise encourage them to be competitive not just with their peers and the global environment but with themselves. So, it is a thing of wisdom for a person to task himself daily to become a better version of oneself. This is part of our culture.

Partnership with over 30 international schools in the UK, USA, Canada etc.

Cambridge College doesn’t just offer the Cambridge A Level educational services. We also offer the Brooke House College University Foundation Programme, American Pathway (SAT/TOEFL), IGCSE, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) educational services and lots more. Because of our wealth of experience and great track record, we have been able to secure partnership and collaborations with various organizations and foreign universities across the world.

Student training in other vocations

Our student total well-being is our top most priority. Cambridge College has a quest to maintain the position of the Best Sixth Form College in Lagos and Nigeria. Because of this, we have tasked herself to raise her students in other vocations. For instance, this lead to the establishment of Jet Club, Home care, Bead making, just to mention a few. We believe that every child has a place to shine and we let them shine.

Student community life

We encourage student community life in our hostel and in the school environment. Because we are concerned with the leadership qualities of our students. Also, we are concerned about how they relate to people from other backgrounds.


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